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Central Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable With Two FRP Strengthen GYFXTY

The fibers are positioned in a loose tube made of a high modulus plastic. The tubes are filled with a water-resistant filling compound. The tube is wrapped with a layer of water blocking system. Two parallel FRP are placed at the two sides. The cable is completed with a polyethylene (PE) sheath.

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This specification covers the general requirements of Central Loose Tube Outdoor Cable for aerial or duct.
· Good mechanical and temperature performance.
· High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant.
· Special tube filling compound ensure a critical protection of fiber.
· Crush resistance and flexibility.
· FRP ensure tensile strength.
· Small diameter, light weight and friendly installation.

Structure details

Fiber count 2F-24F
Loose tube Material PBT Color Standard spectrum
Diameter 2.8±0.1mm Thickness 0.4±0.05mm
Strength member Material FRP Diameter Φ1.0mm
Out sheath Material MDPE Color Black
Diameter 7.0±0.5mm Thickness 2.0±0.2mm

Mechanical and environment performance

Tensile strength Long term(N) 400N
Short term(N) 800N
Crush load Long term 300N/100mm
Short term 1000N/100mm
Bending radius Dynamic 20D
Static 10D
Installation Temperature -10℃~+60℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~+70℃

Fiber Performance

Fiber type Unit SM G652D MM 50/125 MM 62.5/125
Condition mm 1310/1550 850/1300 850/1300
Attenuation dB/km ≤0.36/0.24 ≤3.0/1.5 ≤3.0/1.5
Cladding diameter um 125±1 125±1 125±1
Cladding non-circularity % ≤1.0 ≤1.0 ≤1.0
Coating diameter um 242±7 242±7 242±7


Packing material: Wooden drum.
Packing length: 2km per drum or customization.