Ftth Drop Cable Pigtail Patch Cord

SC UPC , SC APC or other connector types Ftth Drop Cable Pigtail Patch Cord, 2.0mm*3.0mm , 2.0mm*5.0mm , fiber type G652D, G657A1, G657A2, MM FTTH Drop cable pigtail is a kind of patch cord but assembly with ftth drop cable. Used widely in Fact plate, terminal box, ONU tec. Patch Cords are used to provide optical connection for fiber optic electronics. The use of the pigtail provides a quick and easy method for routing fiber patches in data centers, head-ends, cellular hubs and central offices. The pigtail or patch cord can be used in interconnect or cross-connect path connecting the incoming fibers to the electronic equipment and providing patching within the fiber paths.


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