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EU imposes anti-dumping duties on China's optical cables by 19.7% - 44%

According to foreign media reports,at November 18, 2021, the European Commission has officially ruled that it will impose an anti-dumping duty of 19.7% to 44% on optical fibers and cables imported from China.

At present, the largest supplier of optical fiber cable in Europe is Prysmian Group in Italy, Corning in the United States and Nexans and Acome in France.


In recent years, the price of optical fiber cable in the Chinese market has continued to decline, which has made continuous contributions to the infrastructure network construction of operators and is also an important support for the rapid realization of large-scale coverage of 5G. In the European market, China's optical fiber cable suppliers have constantly occupied markets through overseas factory construction and localization services, and have become an important competitor of Prysmian.


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