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2.0mm Fan-out cable FC/LC/SC/ST Fiber Patch Cord

Fan-out fiber patch cord ,2.0mm sub-unit, Φ900μm Tight buffer fiber, LSZH Jacket, then connected with fiber connector.

  • Product Model:
· Used in pigtails and patch cords;
· Used in optical connections in optical communication equipment rooms and optical distribution frames;
· Used in optical connections in optical apparatus and equipments.
· Good mechanical and environmental characteristics;
· Flame retardant characteristics meets the requirements of relevant standards;
· The mechanical characteristics meet the requirements of relevant standards;
· Soft, flexible, easy to splice, and with big capacity data transmission;
· Meet various requirements of market and clients.

Fan-out patchcord.jpgFan-out cable 1.jpgTechnical parameter 

Characteristic SM , MM
Connector type FC/SC/ST/LC/MU/MT-RJ/ESCON/E2000
Diameter(mm) 0.9,2.0,3.0
Polishing grade SM PC MM PC UPC APC
Insertion loss ≤0.3dB ≤0.4dB ≤0.2dB ≤0.3dB
Return loss ≥40dB ≥50dB ≥65dB
Interchangeability ≤0.2dB
Repeatability ≤0.2dB
Operation temperature -40~+80